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Shadowing Program - Full Day

Shadowing Program - Full Day


Shadowing Program (8 hours)

(This program does not include any hands-on experience)

This “shadowing” service is intended to offer support to new and existing injectors who wish to develop their competence and confidence while working autonomously in their own clinical aesthetic practice.  This program allows you the opportunity to work alongside an experienced practitioner and observe scheduled procedures.  Practitioner students will not carry out any treatments themselves, however, there will be plenty of teaching related to theoretical and clinical practice. 


Training includes;

  • Proper consents

  • How to take proper before/after photos

  • Detailed patient assessment/Setting expectations

  • Procedure protocols

  • How to create customized treatments/product choice

  • Tray set up

  • Observing scheduled procedures (consultations, Neurotoxin, dermal fillers)

  • Post procedure Protocols 


*Please Note: students may not request to observe specific procedures.  We try our hardest to schedule a wide variety of procedures daily. 

Please note

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