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I’ve been a patient of Limor’s for almost a year now, and I can’t say enough about how fantastic she is at what she does. When I first came to see her, I had a lot of old fillers that had migrated in my lips. She got to work dissolving the old filler, and completely reshaping and redefining my lips. Overtime, I had gotten used to the fact that my smile wasn’t quite the same as it used to be, as my overfilled and migrated filler was preventing me from being able to smile properly. Once Limor dissolved the filler, she was able to go in and while maintaining the natural aesthetic of my face, enhancing my natural lip line, making it look a lot more natural, and in my opinion a lot more beautiful.
I just love her new space at the clinic USA. It is such a friendly and welcoming environment. I can’t wait to tell everyone I know about Limor and the team at the clinic USA!


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