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3 Day Group | Neurotoxin, Dermal & Lip Filler

3 Day Group | Neurotoxin, Dermal & Lip Filler


Whether you are a new practitioner or just curious about this incredibly rewarding field, this comprehensive three day training in Basic & Advanced Neurotoxin techniques, Basic & Advanced Dermal Filler techniques, and Basic & Advanced Lip Filler techniques will help practitioners develop competence and confidence with their own clinical aesthetic practice.  All practitioners will receive a certificate upon completion of this course. 

Group Training (up to 5 students) 

  • Educate the provider on evidence-based practices

  • Creating consents

  • Taking proper before/after photos 

  • Comprehensive study of facial anatomy 

  • How to perform dental blocks (lip portion)

  • How to dissolve previous filler (dermal & lip portion)

  • Indications for treatment

  • Product knowledge & selection

  • Reconstitutions on/off label (neurotoxin portion)

  • Managing Possible Complications/Contraindications

  • Guide to ordering product/supplies 

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